SharedScience – The Scientific Soup Kitchen

Invitation to the first meeting of nature and spirit – what deserves the label of science? SharedScience is a project that can be considered of anonymity with the initiators of the fruit: the chronic lack of professional exchanges outside the classrooms led to the futile search and ultimately to the creation of a new area. In the belief that curiosity in the first place for an understanding of science in the academic sense is, we want to promote the exchange among representatives of all branches of science and invite to the cross-discipline question. We want to give the consideration and examination of all issues that seem relevant to the circle of contributors, a space of communication. Be it in the form of lectures, no limit to concerts or exhibition visit of the own Director. In sharing observations and passions, this company promises all involved impulses for their own development as a researcher. References and recommendations, such as the results of all participants are online available stand. is a – under the steady expansion – online presence, which is to facilitate the exchange of ideas articles etc. with forums, profiles, and promote. To the question: What deserves the term science? We want to invite next Thursday for a round of talks. The meeting with two (SEHR-) short papers will be opened by Angieszka Walorska and Cornelia Hartmann. Then there is the possibility to (feeling) talk soup and wine. In this context we would like to introduce the idea of the project – based on repeat -.