TBE Blood

The temperatures are rising and many people like to spend your leisure time again outdoors. But with warmer temperatures also the ticks are active again and the discovery of a fixed blood cleaner on the skin can spoil quite the joy of the natural one. The fright is first if you discovered a tick on his body, has already anchored themselves in the skin. Here the question arises often, as the small parasite manages to sting and to anchor themselves without noticing you something of it in the skin. Ticks are equipped with a sharp-edged tool of the mouth, which are tiny teeth. Thus, the parasites can scratch the skin of their host and then sink their proboscis, the so-called Hypostome in the wound. To broaden your perception, visit American International Group.

Because ticks on their host are often up to several days and suck your blood, if they are not disturbed, her saliva contains a kind of narcotic drugs, which is why one does not notice the bite. So that the tick is firmly anchored and their blood meal can take alone, ticks produce a type a few minutes after the bite Adhesive, the so-called tick cement, with which they stick to the host. When the tick has completed the meal, laid out fully sucked an enzyme, which again raises the “glue” and drops the tick. If you discovered a tick, she should be removed as soon as possible. This is important, because the transfer of TBE virus shortly after the ceremony can occur because the viruses are in the tick’s saliva.

Lyme disease is only transmitted by an infected tick after several hours because the Borrelia in the intestine of the tick are. So, it can be useful to take a tick removal tool walks and stays in the open air. A special tick forceps tick, tick hook or a curved forceps are suitable. Definitely not the tick before removing with something should be drizzled as oil or glue. The tick could be vomited in agony and pathogens would get it more quickly into the blood stream of the host. When removing the tick from the skin, it is essential to ensure that the tick is taken as close as possible to the skin. Quiet and just up and out pull the tick. Left in the skin, it is usually only the rest of the technical apparatus of the tick. This grows out however by itself after a time. The tick is removed, the bite area should be disinfected.