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The deposit on disposable have provided the impetus for a much more consistent disposable beverage production and at the same time to promote the systematic listing of disposable, not only at the discount stores, but also in the traditional food retail and beverage off get markets. This development is clearly at the expense of medium-sized beverage companies that can not shoulder the investments in single-use bottling plants”, as Beerens. Recently Maersk Drilling sought to clarify these questions. According to representatives of the beverage industry, the BMU could wash his hands in innocence. The Ministry spokesman would call although the predatory pricing of discounters in mineral water as a reason for the increased share of disposable, but conceal the true cause. The artisan error of the German packaging Ordinance, were the gateways for the triumphal March of the discounters in the sales of disposable drinks according to the mineral water industry.

Of the multi way market have not recovered. The poorly conceived legislation leads the “Discounters windfall profits” to. The biggest deposit Boykotteuren had developed the largest deposit profiteers. Through the saved fees for the Green point, by Pfandschlupf and recycling revenue for the pure-grade packaging material, the discounter achieve annual profit of over 400 million euros. With this money they can keep artificially low the price of cross-subsidies for non-returnable bottles mineral water”, Andreas Rottke, Chief Executive of the Association of German fountain complained about. Equivalent litre price mineral water at the discount store at all costs 13 cents and in the normal single or beverage trade 50 cents. The 220 medium-sized shaped mineral water companies are unable to compete under these conditions.

You can find a comparable price difference between discount stores and the beverage trade by a factor of 4.5 in any other branch of the food industry. The policy provides a free loyalty program discount stores. Normally These companies calculate a revenue by 10 percent. Deposit revenues over the non-returned non-returnable bottles, the discounter with the blessing of the Federal Government achieve a span of more than 40 percent. Who laugh in their sleeves”, says Ullrich Schweizer, Marketing Director of the firm of Hassia mineral springs. Logistics of retail trade and also connoisseurs of the waste disposal industry consider the number reported by the policy absurd, that over 90 per cent of non-returnable bottles from consumers be given back. The attrition rate is well over 20 percent. You could find out very quickly analyses of waste: already sorter in the waste sector are supervised so that they take any returnable bottles home, but leave on the tapes. As you can imagine, how much is the percentage of positive PET non-returnable bottles in the trash. The legislature must act so quickly and readjust the amended Ordinance, otherwise more way bloodletting cannot be stopped” Secondary raw materials specialist Sascha says Schuh, Director of the Bonner firm Ascon. German PET preparer would become so called PET mixed fractions from the waste collections of dual systems buy, to sort out the bottles in their facilities and lucrative market: in China, the German PET mixed fraction in dual systems has a fixed name and is referred to as 70:30. At least 30 percent of the delivery consist of disposable PET bottles”, so the experience of shoe. The beverage industry calls on the Government to intervene immediately and make sure that some trading companies may not economies according to the Lord of the manor with the deposit income. Mortgage revenue should trust administered under State control. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web: