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It confesses its sin and its soul is purificada. They hear its confession through this salmo written by it. (Salmo 51) Nessa confession of Davi we perceive the conscience of who recognizes its state of pecador man and the disposal to confess its sin. ) It calls the attention God. That is, when it falls in itself.

' ' God, feels sorry you of me God according to yours love; it erases my trespasses, for love of your great misericrdias.' ' In this confession it is humiliated ahead of God. b) It asks for purificao: ' ' He completely washes me of my iniquity, and purifica me of mine pecado' ' c) It demonstrated knowledge of its trespasses. It did not occult! d) The sin was disclosed ahead of Davi. Something was clear. ' ' my sin is always ahead of mim' ' e) It understood that its sin was an abominable act ahead of God. ' ' against you, against you I only sinned. I made what he is badly ahead of yours olhos.' ' f) The salmista assumes its pecaminosa nature, and its origin while to be human. 1.4 – The SIN, confessed does not take off the joy of the soul.

The distant person of the communion with the FATHER leaves. ' ' She becomes to give joy to me of your salvation and supports me with a spirit obediente.' ' This is a clear test of that it lost the joy, that had before committing the sin. This is a test of the absence of the joy, when the sin is not confessed. Davi asks for the Mr. to open its lips, so that its mouth entoasse louvores the God. Verse 15 APPLICATION: In itself treating to confession, the text of the epistle of Joo presents the reality the spite of the pecador man who is the same situation presented for Davi.