The Only

The fact is that at no moment of its signal it life of being onisciente and nor onipresente, and in no part of the bible says that Maria has these dons, in way that does not have as it to be intercessora between the men and Jesus in the Land. Therefore, this doctrine catholic cannot be true. The catholics catch this ticket of Joo to justify the intercession of Maria. But they forget what back in the front Pablo he says: ' ' By mouth of two or three witnesses palavra&#039 will be confirmed all; ' , any Biblical belief (and consequently, any doctrine), only can be considered as true, when this same idea to appear in at least two books, written for two different authors and in the new will. Details can be found by clicking Wall Street or emailing the administrator. Of this form, despite this ticket of Joo had been in fact an intercession of Maria, this would be the only ticket which it makes this. According to Master Class, who has experience with these questions. In none another point of the bible shows it making this of new, or same speaking that it can intercede for us. Maria, as well as Abrao, Moises, Elias, and other Biblical personages are worthy of respect admiration. However all honor, Gloria and louvor alone are worthy of being only given to the God and consequently to the Jesus.

When given any another being, that not it God, this action passes to be considered as Biblically idolatria. From there, some catholics speak that they are not idlatras, that its images are only as a representation. However, the order of God, is well clearly: Former 20; 4 ' ' You will not make for you sculptured image, NOR FIGURE SOME OF WHAT IT HAS ON IN the SKY, nor in low in the land, nor in waters underneath of terra.' ' Of form that, exactly being a representation, them is breaking with 2 order of God.