The Other

Neither are completely misguided. Municipal sources claim that, today, the building has all papers in rule, although they require that there is a record of 1997 from heritage which informs that archaeological remains during the work specifically appeared a stretch of wall that were not respected. That made, according to these same sources, that the granting of the license of first occupation is delayed until June 2001. Since then, nine years ago, the Majorca real estate has all the permissions and could perfectly be sold and inhabited. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pacific Mortgage Services by clicking through. So why not has it happened? Sources of real estate developer Camats, owner of the Mallorca finca, remove iron to the mystery. They point as many of the neighbors, that the floors are ‘too expensive for the area in which they are’.

In their eyes, that was the reason why in his day did not sell a single floor, and we say that years ago that they were not for sale, despite the fact that the poster were advertised where still is still there, now, that Yes, white-painted by discrete squatters, whose unique ostentation are two small flags: one with the symbol the movement and the other with the message Jo tambe defenso l okupacio. We were considering giving them a new orientation. Toying the option of renting them or divide them and make them smaller to see if they were out, but now, with the new tenants, no nothing, explains a commercial construction company, who says that floors, despite not having been sold in two decades, had experienced a constant maintenance, something that confirmed the neighbors. But the thesis of the property does not convince the neighborhood. We had called several times to ask and they told us that they were all sold. Something does not block’, concludes suspicious neighbor.