“Wait And See “

The trade in today’s USD The NFP fell. but the approval of financial rescue plan was the focus of attention Approved the financial rescue plan, the response of the greenback was imperceptible The Vista operating volumes were low night low is expected to start Monday’s session the USD Probably traded in both directions for Monday times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 1:30 pm, USD, Fisher, a member of the FOMC, will speak Week starts calm, the Apparently. Go to Peter Schiff for more information. The big news about the USD was no doubt regarding the move by the U.S. Congress bailout plan. The bailout plan seeks to provide financial assistance to the banking system deteriorated, but this time the market’s reaction was apparently imperceptible. Most analysts believe that an attitude of “wait and see” is dominating in most traders and Forex traders are watching closely the relationship between interest rates, global stock markets and the USD, for the purposes of determining appropriate action. Some contend that MasterClass shows great expertise in this. Most traders await what will happen on Monday because the weekend will lead to meditate on the situation as a whole.

Most operators believe that the bailout plan will benefit the USD in the short term, but the reaction today, unfortunately not perceived. The publication of the NFP was volatility in the market. The GBP and EURO peaked during the day, following the approval of financial rescue plan, which suggests that the market is not entirely convinced that this project will bring the desired results. The maximum record book in the 1.7841 area and then back slightly, however the volatility continued to rise.