State Committee

In this article, violated not only the number of other Ukrainian laws governing the assessment and pricing, but also the very principles of market economy based on free cost, and where there is no concept of self Price usual. Most interesting is that the right to prove that the price of an unusual, has a tax inspector, who often has no relevant education or training. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kenneth R. Feinberg. Of course, the state should control the price of its consumer market, but it should not make the tax, this is such institutions as the Ministry of Economy, State Committee, the competition committee, and to identify the crime to launder money, there are power structure. Price controls in the form of the tax code would lead to a permanent increase them (to increase the tax base) and to corruption among employees of the tax. One of the advantages of the draft law is to reduce the tax burden on the economy. The section III of the draft Code, which describes the method for determining corporate income tax. Certainly, reduction of income tax to 16% should be stimulated to act on investment activities in Ukraine. The draft Code also provides tax breaks for small businesses with annual turnover of up to three million UAH. At the same time provides powerful guards against evasion of payment of income tax. Fuses in the form of prohibition applies to the gross expenditure transfer of funds in favor of subjects that are on a simplified system of taxation, as well as non-resident fees for consulting, marketing, advertising, engineering and royalties.