Virus Warts

Typically, the virus warts prefers a moist environment. That is why in the pool and sauna to wear light sandals or flip-flops. In a warm, rainy weather is better not to go barefoot to protect the feet from, injections of grass, light abrasions and cuts, through which the "wart" virus rapidly penetrates the skin. Those with sweaty feet, must be especially careful, because wet feet – a suitable environment for an insidious virus. To avoid of plantar warts, should be thoroughly washed every day, feet, change socks or tights.

Artful and unpretentious viruses can multiply in wet, unseasoned shoes. Warts spread rapidly, and If you have discovered one that may soon emerge, and others. Therefore, without the need to not touch the wart – a virus may be on your toes, and you get it on other body parts. And if you have your fingers around the nail holes cut or hangnail, you risk getting pretty nasty form of warts, called okolonogtevymi that are difficult to treat. If you have the skin around nails have microtrauma from burrs, apply ointment antibiotic for topical use and zabintuyte until it heals. How to get rid of them? Warts treated with cautery, curettage, freezing, remove with a laser. Carlos Hank Gonzalez is likely to increase your knowledge.

Unfortunately, all these operations are often highly painful, not always help. Disappearing in one place, warts may appear in another. So, before you remove it in the consulting room, try home remedies. So you've decided not to go to a dermatologist. First just make sure that you have just a wart, but not callus, mole or other neoplasm, and only then proceed to treatment.