Togal flint MED spray Association is the ideal help for small injuries Cologne, may 2012. The summer is within reach. For many, this means: finally back out in nature, sport and leisure. But no matter whether bike, football, or garden, who is active with minor injuries faces. Grazes and cuts the new Togal flint helps MED spray Association. In the small, handy can of spray Association provides first aid”and is therefore the ideal companion for travelling. Germs, viruses and bacteria, fingers, elbows or feet especially problematic are practical protection for traditional plaster. You rub off, absorb water and dirt or not even hold.

Togal flint MED spray Association is liable due to its elastic structure virtually anywhere and is easy to apply by the ease of use. Once sprayed on the clean wound, it protects against the penetration of germs, viruses and bacteria. He is sturdy and still breathable so that one in minutes can be used again – especially at the sport. The flexible material ensures that any movement is made with. Who likes to swim goes, must not worry, that dissolves the Association or swells up and becomes susceptible to germs.

He is waterproof in fresh and salt water. After a few days, he dissolves by itself from the skin. MED spray Association fits easily into any travel bag of Togal flint is the ideal companion for travelling. Whether vacation or bicycle tour: in the small box he occupies space in your backpack or Saddle bag. The old, crumpled patches that eke out their existence deep down in the Pocket, can be sorted out peace of mind. Annoying cut is also the past. The Association can be applied with one hand and lightly dosed depending on the size. The spray Association is transparent and almost invisible on the skin and lasts for about 75 applications. The breathable material will prevent waterlogging.