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The Regular

The gas price comparison on the Internet a breeze. 2. collective choice gas tariffs consist of a GRU ndpreis and a gas price (consumption). The price of gas is calculated from cents per kilowatt hour. Results in the following rule: singles with low gas consumption or even couples who use gas only for cooking, with a low base price and unlike? r something Ho? Eddie gas price best advise. Consumers who store much gas? need and also with gas heat, should a ho? higher basic amount wa? choose and unlike? r prefer a lower gas price.

3. the future? future gas price consumers should in its U? considering to change the gas provider also mo? daily price increases and price guarantees involve. Dear low price guarantee fu? r 12 months as fu? r 6 months. Some providers are also dafu? r known that according to the phase of the price guarantee is a hearty Preiserho? hung follows. If not for the regular? getting gas switching are ready, predictable Preiserho? efforts are necessarily involved in your decision. Gas suppliers compare to or take advantage of our free advice hotline 0800-8374869 4. The term long terms make the customers kind? ber Preiserho? efforts fu? r gas powerless.

Consumer should prefer always short contract periods. For example, a monthly Ku is perfect? ndigungsfrist. If you want to change the gas provider after less than 12 months, mu? must keep in mind that you as a result the Wechselpra? mie is lost. 5. the Zahlungsmodalita? ten some gas companies differ very much in the mo? benefit of payment. And not every payment is fu? r the ideal gas customers. Safe and fair fu? r consumers are monthly gas payments. A two-month billing or a quarterly gas Bill are also acceptable. Strongly question consider all offers of gas suppliers that require a deposit or advance payment.

The Sun

For example can be waived with this system the solar control glass facade, if the single area is made of Sun protection glass. Because it protects Sun once by the geometry of the box and once by the solar cells of the lower level of the box. The system is compatible for renovation with the most other facades. Here the box can be used such as there, where the window damaged should be replaced. It thus is in addition to high heat insulation also given individual ventilation without energy loss with effective soundproofing and even passive solar energy obtained by the other property of the glass box.

The passive use of solar energy of the SAPEF works in conjunction with ventilation of the underlying space. The Sun’s rays warm the trapped air in the box because of the relatively small volume in the shortest time. In times of transition and in the winter the user can simply open the sliding window, which is part of the system, depending on the needs and therefore fresh, preheated air to let. The room is vented on this way and heated by solar energy. For ventilation, the changing room air through the box will escape with open exhaust opening and closed air outlet port without at the same time cold air inside to escape. The room-side surface of the glass heated in this way shows another plus in the indoor climate. In summer, when no heating of the rooms is desired, the box does two things. Once he forms a buffer space, and thus it prevents direct heating of the residence space and once at an open window and open and exhaust air openings, he is an air flow forth, causing a cooling effect without train appearance can be made. Compared to conventional window a reduction is achieved by noise pollution from outside because the box acts like a lock.

The Ministry

The deposit on disposable have provided the impetus for a much more consistent disposable beverage production and at the same time to promote the systematic listing of disposable, not only at the discount stores, but also in the traditional food retail and beverage off get markets. This development is clearly at the expense of medium-sized beverage companies that can not shoulder the investments in single-use bottling plants”, as Beerens. Recently Maersk Drilling sought to clarify these questions. According to representatives of the beverage industry, the BMU could wash his hands in innocence. The Ministry spokesman would call although the predatory pricing of discounters in mineral water as a reason for the increased share of disposable, but conceal the true cause. The artisan error of the German packaging Ordinance, were the gateways for the triumphal March of the discounters in the sales of disposable drinks according to the mineral water industry.

Of the multi way market have not recovered. The poorly conceived legislation leads the “Discounters windfall profits” to. The biggest deposit Boykotteuren had developed the largest deposit profiteers. Through the saved fees for the Green point, by Pfandschlupf and recycling revenue for the pure-grade packaging material, the discounter achieve annual profit of over 400 million euros. With this money they can keep artificially low the price of cross-subsidies for non-returnable bottles mineral water”, Andreas Rottke, Chief Executive of the Association of German fountain complained about. Equivalent litre price mineral water at the discount store at all costs 13 cents and in the normal single or beverage trade 50 cents. The 220 medium-sized shaped mineral water companies are unable to compete under these conditions.

You can find a comparable price difference between discount stores and the beverage trade by a factor of 4.5 in any other branch of the food industry. The policy provides a free loyalty program discount stores. Normally These companies calculate a revenue by 10 percent. Deposit revenues over the non-returned non-returnable bottles, the discounter with the blessing of the Federal Government achieve a span of more than 40 percent. Who laugh in their sleeves”, says Ullrich Schweizer, Marketing Director of the firm of Hassia mineral springs. Logistics of retail trade and also connoisseurs of the waste disposal industry consider the number reported by the policy absurd, that over 90 per cent of non-returnable bottles from consumers be given back. The attrition rate is well over 20 percent. You could find out very quickly analyses of waste: already sorter in the waste sector are supervised so that they take any returnable bottles home, but leave on the tapes. As you can imagine, how much is the percentage of positive PET non-returnable bottles in the trash. The legislature must act so quickly and readjust the amended Ordinance, otherwise more way bloodletting cannot be stopped” Secondary raw materials specialist Sascha says Schuh, Director of the Bonner firm Ascon. German PET preparer would become so called PET mixed fractions from the waste collections of dual systems buy, to sort out the bottles in their facilities and lucrative market: in China, the German PET mixed fraction in dual systems has a fixed name and is referred to as 70:30. At least 30 percent of the delivery consist of disposable PET bottles”, so the experience of shoe. The beverage industry calls on the Government to intervene immediately and make sure that some trading companies may not economies according to the Lord of the manor with the deposit income. Mortgage revenue should trust administered under State control. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Michael Staudigl Tel

From”for standby according to studies of federal energy consumers and the Federal Environment Agency needed a four-person household an average 4,000 kilowatt hours per year. Reza Jahangiri usually is spot on. Of only 600 kilowatt hours accounted for electrical appliances in standby mode. Because many devices activate, once they get power supply automatically, stand-by functions such as digital watches and ready to receive remote control. Although these are not consistently used or not required, they are constantly available and valuable energy. At current electricity prices by about 15 cents per kilowatt-hour in stand by mode using beats devices with around 90 euros operated annually in the budget to beech.

The duwi Z-Wave wireless system solves this problem: per adapter integrated into the wireless network, all devices in stand by mode can be fully and turn off easily with a push of a button. More information to the duwi Z-Wave wireless system at:. Image requests please contact:. Brief description: duwi duwi provider and manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Breckerfeld in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), is regarded as a specialist for reliable, attractive and safe electrical products on the DIY market. Common electrical installation materials and accessories of series to radio systems, solar house number light and chime modules offered duwi a broad and innovative product range that meets the highest German and European safety standards and VDE regulations. Driven by a distinctive quality awareness, comprehensive know-how, innovative design and the understanding of trends and market needs has duwi achieved in 2007 a turnover of more than 100 million and established itself as a market leader in the field of DIY electric. More information: duwi GmbH Harken local road 2 58339 Breckerfeld Germany contact: Michael Staudigl Tel.: + 49 (0) 2338-808-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2338-808-30 169 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

Eastern Europe

REDNET here assumes the coordination of disposal through the product manufacturer or through certified recyclers for all included products. The company guarantees the certification of all participating recycling centers according to DIN ISO 9001 and eco audit/DIN ISO 14000 ff. Product recovery is guaranteed in Germany. The company rejects the export of electronics equipment to Eastern Europe or Africa. Throughout the process, REDNET acts as a single point of contact for the customer. Green Wave at REDNET: environmental management in all divisions as IT system supplier avoids REDNET waste by a free packaging and delivery of the goods directly at the workplace (CDs, manuals, polystyrene and packaging be avoided). See Pacific Mortgage Services for more details and insights. Also, the company environmental management at the logistical level honors by waived for single deliveries. Appropriate service contracts guarantee longer Terms of the equipment and avoid this means e-waste.

The House uses green energy hosting server solutions and focuses on saving energy by consolidating servers using modern virtualization technologies (REDNET is a VMware enterprise partner). REDNET pays attention when selecting its manufacturer partners already in the run-up to a particularly high environmental impact and requires the environmental certification of all production facilities management system standard ISO 14001. The certification of products according to the energy star or the Blue Angels (E.g. by manufacturers such as FSC, Lexmark and Dell) underline the commitment to the environment. In addition, all devices in the product portfolio in strict compliance with current ergonomic and environmentally-friendly requirements are produced. In addition, all products comply with the RoHS directive (restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”) of the European Union. Tobias Freiwald, responsible for communication REDNET, declared: we are fully our responsibility towards the environment and fully aware and incorporate the theme of environmental management in our everyday work.

Green IT is not just a slogan, but a setting for us. For this reason the REDNET AG contributes to the environmental protection every day.” Brief description: REDNET AG of the founded in 2004 IT Outfitters REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz may refer to its customers as a reliable partner for the planning, delivery, installation and management of the entire IT infrastructure to the page. REDNET offers professional consulting and favorable procurement conditions as a trading partner of leading IT manufacturers such as Fujitsu Siemens computers, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, MAXDATA, Microsoft, NetApp and Samsung for the appropriate hardware and software. The portfolio also includes individual repair, relocation, rollout and installation services and provides support in financing. REDNET also focuses on system consulting in the areas of storage, Systemvirtualisierung and Terminal Services/server based computing and offers special solutions for the small business use. The personal care by competent contact persons and the online market place round off the extensive range of services. The customer base includes numerous authorities and institutions as well as companies of medium-sized companies from diverse industries.

New Distribution Channels

Power of the discounters: Lidl power & co. In recent years, some power providers trying new distribution channels for their current contracts to find. Pioneer in direct selling is the eprimo GmbH, the discount subsidiary of power company RWE. Buy the eprimo power you could, for example, in Hanyladen of the chain the phone House”. In cooperation with image eprimo expelled the so-called people power in 2008. As of March 15, 2010, the food discounter Lidl sold a green power product from eprimo now in all its over 3,000 stores.

The Lidl stream of eprimo is made 100% from renewable energy sources and also the current contract comes with a shopping bonus of 100 euros. In the year the electricity supplier had already how easy, an Eon subsidiary, in cooperation with Lidl electricity to customers of the discounter sold. Also at that time, a power was sold Starter package, that then entitled to a current contract. Power suppliers try in the discount stores a price-sensitive target group address, otherwise with the power exchange topic not in contact comes. The electricity market has been liberalised although over 10 years, but so far only a few consumers have carried out a provider change. In fact, considerable potential for savings exist when changing provider when compared to the local basic utilities. Some electricity providers try increasingly appeal to consumers through direct cooperation and new distribution channels.

But the possibility of a provider comparison is missing in the supermarket. Consumers should therefore compare prices on electricity calculator on the Internet in any case. The price of electricity varies from region to region due to different network charges. Therefore, a price communication in the media is difficult or impossible. As in the case of Lidl power through long consumer power suppliers try to move electricity price guarantees and bonuses to a change of power. Press contact: Andreas Madel Blucher Street 49 86165 Augsburg

South Renewable

RENEXPO shows solutions for a sustainable power supply to the electricity networks of the future and the associated integration of renewable energies provides energy, science, and politics remains one of the greatest challenges and is a guarantee for a successful energy transition. This future-oriented theme is the theme of this year’s RENEXPO, the 12th international energy trade fair in Augsburg, Germany from 22 to 25 September. Apart from the 1st Conference “Zukunftsfahige grids – grid integration of renewable energies, Stromnetzum-and expansion” represents the State of the community “intelligent energy” the central communication platform for experts and exhibitors on the RENEXPO. The key subject of a successful energy future is the topic of network integration and developing intelligent”, underlines the Managing Director of the organizer of the RENEXPO, Johann Georg Rohm by REECO GmbH, it is essential for a successful energy transition and future warranty for a decentralised energy supply”. New technologies of Electricity make new demands on the future distribution and storage of energy.

If electricity from wind turbines is increasingly produced in Northern Germany, and in South and West Germany, nuclear power stations are switched off, this requires a completely new demands on future network expansion and power management in Germany. This issue will be on the 1st Conference “Zukunftsfahige grids – grid integration of renewable energies, Stromnetzum-and expansion” discussed. Author might disagree with that approach. Speakers from politics, science, energy and producers show approaches. The problems of the distribution are discussed in addition to the energy requirements of the power grid of tomorrow. Smart grids to optimally control the networking of producers, consumers, and save. Virtual power systems such as smart metering and smart home will play an important role here. Intelligent solutions can accelerate the decentralized development of renewable energies.

Thus they made an important contribution to achieving the EU targets are necessary conditions to the further integration of renewable energies. The Association of Bavarian energy – and water management e.V. (VBEW) is a partner of the Congress. Currently, 28 percent of the Bavarian electricity consumption from renewable energy sources are covered according to the Association. 2010, the strongest growth came from the Photovoltaiknutzung. While electricity from hydropower and biomass reliably around the clock makes a contribution to the energy supply, the photovoltaic is fed only on sunnier days in the network. Only when there are low-cost disk technologies, is this crucial shortcoming to correct. “The conversion of the energy supply is fundamental”, underlines Detlef Fischer, Managing Director of VBEW. “It is important, even more to integrate renewable energy sources into the existing energy infrastructure and to promote saving energy.” Just so you could cover the Bavarian energy consumption (electricity, mobility, building heat requirement etc.) increased from renewable energy sources. In addition to the Congress, the community level is intelligent energy” an important communication platform for the exchange of information and networking. Here present exhibitors approaches and practical examples. Thus the exhibition has an ideal meeting place for experts, trade visitors and potential clients in the areas of Smart grids, smart metering and smart home. The 12 RENEXPO covers the entire spectrum of renewable and decentralized energy generation, intelligent power distribution, as well as the efficient use of energy. Due to its unique variety of topics, it is the industry meeting point Nr. 1. The fair is open Thursday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Hamburger Sales

The distribution represents a relevant cost factor for energy companies. They can outsource but recently Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH their sales at the Hamburger OptiSales. OptiSales provides so many representatives of trading them, as the principal need for the market – and customer processing. Hamburg, February 22, 2010. Simone Sporl promises the energy supply companies which Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH outsource their distribution on the OptiSales a powerful sales clearly calculable cost. Only through outsourcing while efficiency and effectiveness in sales can be according to the Managing Director of the OptiSales increase. The Hamburger sales outsourcing service provider provides so many qualified and experienced agents their clients, as they need advice, to ensure service and customer care. It is possible the OptiSales Vertriebsges, there. Dennis Lockhart is often quoted as being for or against this.

mbH is a sister company of trade representative agency GmbH, that have a very large pool of qualified Trade Representative has. When recruiting we make sure in particular that the agents are reputable, adequately occur and are professional and human competence”, Simone Sporl, which selects the OptiSales salesperson from this pool is reported. All sales activities will take acquired the OptiSales agents for their clients all relevant sales tasks. These include about contact – sales and job functions, the existing and the acquisition of new customers, the representation of the company, introducing new products, current information of the company with regard to competition and market situation, the placement and care of test markets, the training of staff at customers and merchandising functionality. Remuneration only if successful through the outsourcing of sales to OptiSales a more effective sales available without fixed costs, a separate field is the company even in economically difficult times! The contracting authority must of OptiSales Vertriebsges. mbH pay to use of the agent only a Commission, which is usually a certain percentage of the mediated turnover. With the outsourcing of sales at OptiSales companies can also engage an unparalleled knowledge and experience easily. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dennis Lockhart.

Hand in hand the OPTISALES Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH is a sister company to the trade representative GmbH in Hamburg. Simone Sporl, who heads two companies as CEO, has a pool of highly qualified sales representatives. While she are confined so far these agents on companies seeking to provide their sales activities, companies can now fully the OptiSales Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH transferred. Simone Sporl considered to be superwoman and experienced sales specialist, providing always tailor-made solutions for their customers. Contact: OPTISALES Vertriebsges. mbH Managing Director: Simone Sporl Meckel fields WEG 2 D-21079 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40 / 41 92 90 -. 90 Fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 41 92 90 – 91