Easter Holiday: Sea, Mountain Or Cities Of Art?

It is a month up to the Easter holiday, and it is time to think about the best destination for those who are lucky enough to have a vacation, a couple of days. The choice of objectives for your Easter holidays depends on various factors: budget, before everything, then the number of days for which you have at disposal, weather, the type of holiday you want and so on. Normally you have not many days available during the Easter holidays, and if you have no free days in arrears, or if you decide not to take vacation, early some days it is not always possible to travel into the distance. For this reason, many Italian people choose Italian cities of art, from Rome to Venice, from Naples to Florence, who can certainly offer much to visitors thanks to a great artistic heritage, which is known all over the world. This year Italy also celebrates the 150th anniversary of its unification, and many Italian cities are even more attractive thanks to the countless events and Exhibitions, which play host to them, to celebrate this important anniversary. But if you want to spend a different kind of holiday, the ideal solution might be a holiday which gives you the chance to take a break from the chaos of our cities and to enjoy the nature, a holiday in the mountains. Easter late on the 24th April falls this year, and it will be difficult to find slopes, where you go skiing, snowboarding or bobsledding, but can have much to offer not only ski slopes with regard to many towns in the mountains.

Many hotels, for example, have excellent spas where you can relax and recover before you get back into work. Or you can make pleasant walks on trails, in a natural setting, which conveyed can a sense of calm and peace, by making a break in a chalet, something to eat and to taste some local products. Because Easter falls late this year in the middle of the spring, you can consider a seaside resort. If you are in the South Italy travel, are probably good weather and high temperatures enjoy end of April, but if the weather holds, could there be high temperatures in the regions of the North of Italy. And even if the weather is not good, do not need to worry about: many Italian resorts to surprise tourists with many alternatives to the beach. A sample? The cities of the Adriatic coast are good starting points, to visit some beautiful art cities, or to enjoy a delicious gastronomic tour. It is a month to the Easter holidays: you must decide only whether you prefer mountains, sea or art cities, then you can enjoy your well-earned holiday! This article was by Francesca Tessarollo with help from holiday house for rent in Italy.