New Spending Is Required

And ITM requires new spending. Cultural barriers: the English language is dominant. 1.2 Impact of new technologies in education. At the end of last century, almost all professional fields have been increased potential for development with the incorporation of new technologies and this has led to a substantial change in the way of exercising specific functions in each of these fields. This situation is counterbalanced by the implied demand new roles for professional development. In the case of education is no exception, over recent years, much emphasis is placed in relation to the change in the profile of the teacher as a result of the integration of new technologies in schools.

In the context of contemporary society and to meet their expectations is required to improve the quality of education in the sense that we understand this, in a process which can not exclude the use of ICT should not be just half, but an appeal in which underpin the Current requirements to change the world in which we educate children and youth. 6 The joint development of education and ICT can be studied from several points of view. From an educational point of view you can see the pedagogical model used, educational level, as they are very different problems of primary education, secondary, university or vocational training and other educational activities are concerned in applying ICT : self-study, classes, tutorials, study materials, library resources, laboratories, qualification and management. In recent years there has been a number of definitions within the field of educational technology.