Jorg Schindler

Form and function (matter and energy) can change negative but also by such as diseases or drugs or die off. Note: brain cells = proteins (form matter) change due to un natural use. This changes the function of (energy). The marketers make it so obvious to alter brain structure (protein) their customers and thus their behavior (brain power). (2) Pills are socially acceptable! The number of children allegedly suffering from ADS or ADHD, is today probably 700 000 above average many boys from families with low social status are unfocused, hyper-nervous and aggressive.

The side effects are immense, the complications largely unexplored and the diagnosis multifactorial disease, genetic, psychological and social causes both incorporated into the controversial. The reason according to critics: many adolescents move in an environment of sensory overload, pressure, sense drain, future fears and neglect. Your self-image is affected by er knowing that they work only with pills. Nicholas Carr follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If they are needed at all socially. Adults also swallow with high Stimungsaufheller Addiction potential. Our way of life, side by side and against each other makes us sick. This causes our sick cybernetic mechanistic society: the social inequalities, the economization of all areas of life (markets and industries) with their growth ideology, lack of Justice, increasing stress and lack of recognition leads to aggression.

Today, more and more adults take the (doping) means ADS or ADHD to stay competitive in job and education. (Similarly see: author). Never been so many workers were mentally ill according to health insurance companies. (1) Addiction history of compulsive of buying: anticipation application: liberating of negative feelings. pleasant, ecstatic, high sense of guilt feelings, regrets compulsive shopping as a fugitive from negative mood, depression, anxiety, boredom, self-critical thoughts and anger. Compulsive buying behavior leads to the greater of sense of success worth! We become ‘Shopping-Aholics’. The feel neurotransmitter dopamine is secreted from the limbic system and gives us a high or the sense of the noise. We Repeat the purchase Act, as soon as the dopamine again sings down on normal levels changing. An acclimatisation effect, we need more of the same substance or behavior to trigger a new Dopaminhigh. The continued pursuit of the (probably feel-) noise can change our DNA proteins. The result is an uncontrollable urge to procuring drugs. Then our brain has changed already structurally and functionally, also at the shopping addiction. The primary marketing efforts: create desires. Provide products with addiction-enhancing properties. Shopping and spending money make a compelling game. Our psyche is always better manipulated again and more and more frequently to buy the brands and products. The psychological marketing instruments: Fears, uncertainty, guilt feelings, hopes, acceptance efforts.