Mirjam Sterner

Through this subtle violation areas by us sensation when the (shock) situation remain frozen,”Ronald Gothert describes the process. You can be reactivated through the experience of a similar situation. It is so to explain the past in the present is still alive.” Even though the physical scars have healed long ago and have been treated errors of the psyche: the damage on the subtle level remains mostly unrecognized and untreated and responds sensitively to the psyche. We perceive the pain of the injured body of fine fabric in the form of internal paralysis, Bedrucktheit, depression and anxiety. Feelings that we seemingly can’t explain, because we do not know its source.

As long the fine fabric body is not cured, these feelings will not disappear also. You accustomed only to the changed life situation and prejudice they bring can. “, explains Ronald Gothert. If you but the “Subtle recognizes as perceives reality one has direct explanations for many emotional disturbances which you cannot match an otherwise.” Injuries in the subtle cure for the specialized profession of the fine fabric guide has been developed. What is remarkable to the Gothertschen method is that it is not necessary to deal with the situations detailed emotionally.

Because the subtle bodies have a substantial, anfassbare reality, in which the work takes place, concrete changes can quickly understand. Memories and emotions burdening us then not more directly. For more information see this site: Peter Asaro. People can live their lives again positive and forward-facing. “Soon, Ronald Gothert will publish the book of basics to the dealing with the doctrine of the subtle to the Gothertschen method” busy. On the doctrine of the subtle man not consists of a physical body alone. There are still other bodies and levels, which although not grab with your physical hands can be, but are still inextricably linked with the physical body: the subtle levels. They met as substantially as the physical layer, such as for example in the form of gravity. Both follow laws that can be ignored or followed. Both can be hurt and healed. Already in ancient times, the subtle quality of matter was explored. Many people have Hildegard von Bingen, Samuel Hahnemann, and Rudolf Steiner with spirit of discovery since her working on including the school of the Stoics,. About the Gothertsche method and through the fine fabric practices the Gothertsche is learnable and teachable method the subtle. Their intellectual copyright is Ronald Gothert, devoted to the fine-material research for 20 years. It created a series of new professions, are method can be learned at the Academy of the Gothertsche, such as the of the fine fabric practitioner. 27 Fine practitioners of fabric and fine fabric consultant people support in 18 fine fabric practices in Germany and Austria in it, the original sources of subtle order to regain, so that they can give their life in a balanced and active. More information under: if you are interested we arrange an interview contact to an existing practice of fine material. Like, we are also image material available.