Since June the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria (Senasa) authorized the sale of Kangaroo in the Peru meat to be honest I didn’t know that is comecializa in other parts of the world Kangaroo meat but also does not surprise me because there are many things in the world that one does not know. Kangaroo meat is colored red, very similar to beef, but more tender. So the Kangaroo meat, which now may be imported from Australia the authorization to bring market and consume this meat in the country has been given as I commented by SENASA and the Ministry of agriculture and it only allows the import of meat from kangaroos born, bred and benefit in Australia. It should be recalled that Kangaroo meat is known for its quality and is considered as one of the most exquisite. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. In addition, it contains iron and zinc, and less fat than beef. All those specimens that died as a result of a program of eradication by disease and those who were born in regions which are under official quarantine of the continent country are excluded. Various views and/or opinions have emerged in newspapers who spread this news either positive and negative in this meat consumption. In my opinion not is if it prove does it pobrarian? We can say that there is a group on Facebook which diffuses that kangaroos massacred by skins and their meat course and where skins sold you to a company in slippers. It is not with the eagerness of speak of any institution but there is rejection yet I believe in the consumption of this meat in the country, is my perception.Have they already tested this meat?