Energy-efficient Windows

In our energy problem with your recent Soviet past, every staircase decorated with signs, calling to save electricity, water and heat. Quoted figures are alarming and heartbreaking examples wasteful expenditure of natural resources, which, by and large, few people are touched, as energy resources, we were cheap and available. But today, when all fossil fuels becoming more expensive literally every six months, consumes over 40% of its energy. Others who may share this opinion include Pacific Mortgages Services. It is also worth recalling that the reserves of fossil fuels is not endless, and new environmentally friendly methods of home heating are still under development. Observe and the unfortunate fact that burning fossil fuels for energy so we need not be the best way affects the long-suffering nature. After the burning of oil, coal and natural gas in the atmosphere emitted carbon dioxide and the products of incomplete combustion, causing 'greenhouse effect' – the root cause of climate change. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dennis P. Lockhart. Cracks in the windows – money down the drain! In the words of The Little Prince: 'I woke up this morning, washed, brought himself in order – bring order to their planet. " Your planet – your home, and bring it into order, you have to make its small contribution to saving the planet. For example, no heating in vain outside through cracks in the old cracked windows. Yes, yes, such a seemingly little thing has serious implications on a global scale, because not so long ago it was estimated that the windows are 50 to 80% of the total heat loss, especially due to the penetration air through the leaky junction (in other words, through the gap) of the window frames to the wall opening between the frame and sash, and in places sealing glass.