Laying Private Tiles

So we approached the installation of the main roof, to avoid chromatic aberrations have to use soft tiles mixed from 4 – 5 packs. Laying Private shingles should begin from the center of eaves in the direction of the end parts of the roof. Glue the tiles having removed from the bottom of the protective film and nail with six nails. The first row of shingles should be soft lay so that its lower edge located no higher than 1 centimeter from the bottom of Cornice strip shingles, and the petals covered the joints Cornice strip shingles. Subsequent rows are mounted so that the ends of the petals tiles were flush with the cutouts of the previous row of tiles on the end parts of the roof tiles must be cut on the edges and adhesive glue on the width of not less than 5 centimeters in the valley have to cut the tiles so that at bottom of the valley remained open lane width of about 15 centimeters. Nicholas Carr oftentimes addresses this issue.

Seal the edges of the tiles with glue along the cutting line to a width of 10 centimeters. Ridgetile (0.25 m. X 0.33m) is obtained by dividing Cornice strip shingles into three parts, the sites of perforation. Author contains valuable tech resources. Mount ridgetile on the short side of the roof ridge parallel to the ridge, after removing the film. Fasten the four nails (two on each side) so that the nails were under affixed with overlapping 5 centimeters following shingles. Passage through the roof of a small diameter (antenna, etc.) are performed with rubber seals. Smoke and other pipes exposed to heat they need to be isolate. When installing the shingles near the chimney or other penetrations in the perimeter of the pipe joints with roofing nail a triangular rail 50×50 mm, then around the chimney mount carpet underlay, laps glue.

Then shingles rewound on a vertical surface and, again, stick with glue. Along the perimeter of the pipe band okleyte valley carpet with a continuous layer of adhesive so that the top tube was closed strip not less than 30 centimeters, and on the slope – not less than 20 centimeters. Close adjacency metal apron ( strap), which is fixed by mechanical means, and seal the seams selikonovym sealant, resistant to weathering to save operational and aesthetic properties of shingles is necessary to ensure the free flow of water from the roof, this should be cleaned of debris gutters and hoppers, shovel snow from the roof of the house only when absolutely necessary, leaving the fibers on top 10-20 centimeters of the protective layer of snow. Deicing not use sharp objects, able to damage the roofing. If there is a need to repair the roof need to immediately start work to avoid more serious damage. When carrying out any work on the roof, roofing must be protected. And most importantly entrust roofing services professionals know exactly what to nail down, glue, and you will not have a situation similar to that shown in the photo below (just forgot to come)