MAREN Fiebig: Encounters StattLandschaften

Hamburg / Wilhelmsburg: Exhibition at Cafe pause in the honey factory Hamburg Wilhelmsburg: exhibition by Maren Fiebig encounters StattLandschaften Hamburg, 26.05.08 from the 01.06.08 break and the artist Maren Fiebig on a visit on site, forward Cafe team to consider the local exhibition, as well as to drink coffee in a nice atmosphere, something delicious to eat or to come with nice people in the conversation. Different works are exhibited under the title of the exhibition. By Maren Fiebig, who lives in Hamburg and works in oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed media are realistic in style and theme. Often, people in everyday situations represents children, homeless people and beggars, portraits of friends, “Fashion”. Also in the drawing style she skillfully the sociocritical, German Expressionism on experience and picturesque technology translates very personally and compassionately, says Dr. Ulrike Ritter. Encounter is a versatile interpretation: there are shown meeting on the screen, there is the imagined Meeting of the viewer with the subject. One of the focuses of the work is in the area of beggars and encounters.” A theme how contemplation, to the subject, in which a precise look means an encounter with the shadow side of social reality.

Maren Fiebigs life there is no separation of art and life. In their everyday life as well as in her work the artist involved. MAREN Fiebig engaged against poverty and misery, and so for people, the man is also at the Centre of its work, and its surroundings. Here, the artist used oil pastel, chalk, mixed techniques, with which she brings their content on the slides. This content require their style.

The specific commitment needs a realistic imagery, a pictorial language that but not shocks the Viewer, but seeks to inform him on the dark sides of our existence in gentle manner.