Metatarsal Toe

Although is the hallux valgus good banging, it remains the most common deformity of the toes. Hallux valgus represents the most widespread deformity of the toes. Typically, the big toe to the outside in the direction of smaller toe differs. The caput of the 1. Metatarsal bone is clearly visible here and can cause overwhelming pain. Therefore the suffering is also often termed painful Bunion. Although the hallux valgus among the well-treatable diseases from medical point of view, the prevalence in the population is very high. More information is housed here: Dan Miller.

Only who know the disease, can compete successfully against it. Thus arises a hallux valgus a genetic predisposition exists most of the time, despite not suffering is strongly influenced by behaviors. As you get older, all the more pronounced the danger to developing a hallux valgus. Women suffer more often from than men in the same age. The following risk factors are backed up and can be influenced directly: an important point of attack is wearing open shoes. Shoes are frequently throughout the day constantly worn. These are too narrow, the toes are pressed together. The result is an inhomogeneous distribution of train the muscles, so that the tendons during is unfavorably altered.

The formation of hallux valgus progressed. Shoes running to Spitz should be avoided, prefers open sandals. The Splayfoot is often found in hallux patients. This is a risk factor, who runs without intervention inevitably to the hallux valgus. By lowering the front Arch of the foot, the foot spreads on and the Intermetatarsale angle be increased. But even after fracture with incorrect healing or in inflammatory joint diseases may cause a permanent wrong attitude of the big toe. Is this the secondary hallux valgus. So a hallux valgus noticeable often makes himself a hallux valgus initial prepares well tolerable discomfort. The crooked standing toe is initially more a Visual than a medical problem. The pain start Indian rule in the area of the joint of the big toe, where the head of the Metatarsal is prominent. This is an increase of pressure in the Bursa, which is attacked. The affected area can infiltrate and at worst light (Brusitis). A premature wear of the joint (arthritis) is common especially in long course of the disease. There are cases recorded, in which the first toe aims at an angle of 90 and thus pushing the neighboring toes in incorrect positions. Affected persons occasionally complain about pain, which draw up to the heel. These are due to a consecutive improper strain. Will the Halux valgus not treated, is a faulty gear that affect the entire musculoskeletal system. Preventive action without shoes and feet provide ample space is the cheapest remedy in the hallux valgus. Even if there is a family history, the course of the disease, this can be positively influenced. Also frequent foot exercises helps to keep the muscular force distribution (E.g. soft ball with toes greiffen and knead). The benefit is one helpful Hallux valgus rail, which brings the toe in a physiological position and at the same time relieved the front arch. Not to obstruct the natural rolling motion, hallux valgus support should have incorporated a rotating joint. As already stated, a Splayfoot is often to be found. This is to treat it with a corresponding splayfoot. All the measures described should be initiated at an early stage. With advanced symptoms, these are no longer curative.In this case, an intervention must be pulled in the light. There are different operation methods for correction of hallux valgus available.