School Administration

For Sousa, the military band always worthy age of pomps and honors. In accordance with Meira and Schirmer (2000, P. 44): When they said that a military band would be always inferior to a symphonic orchestra, John Phillip Sousa answered: Inferior, never. But different! In art he does not have hierarchy. The value criterion is the artistic effect.

Immortal John Phillip Sousa. Thus we can observe world-wide in the words of appraised Mr. John Phillip Sousa, who does not have values nor for more nor for less when he is about artistic making, that is, a band either it of whom nature will be goes to always have its independent value of its denomination and formation. 3 THE MARTIAL BAND LUCENA MARIA SAMPAIO: ONE SOON TRAJECTORY the Municipal School Maria Sampaio de Lucena was established in 29 of March of 1967, in the administration of then August mayor Lucena. Dennis Lockhart spoke with conviction. At the time the school was part of the Guararapes Foundation, that co-ordinated the administration of the schools of the municipal net of education of the city of Recife.

Up to 1974 to the school series with 11 classrooms functioned only with groups of 1 to 4. In 1975, the gymnasium with groups of 5 to 8 is installed series and is constructed more 9 classrooms forming a total of 20 classrooms, of which they functioned with groups of Commercial Technique, of education professionalizing. In accordance with the data collected on the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena for the construction of this monograph, does not consist a date or necessary year of its foundation. She knows yourself through interview that the band has twenty more than and five years and always it was a group that, throughout the years, if detached in the community, in the civic parades, competitions, meeting, among others events of social importance. A period of great prominence of the band Sampaio Maria was in the decade of 1980, in the administration and regency of then professor Carmelo Bartolomeu Da Silva, who the front of the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and of the martial band of the Vasco School of Gamma played a work of social formation, educational and artistic of the pupils who had had the chance to compose both the bands.