Soft master X-GO controls SERCOS III devices with the new X-GO version 3.2 is now also the SERCOS III protocol supported. SERCOS III master the existing PC-based library in the X-GO software was integrated and now allows the operation of EtherCAT, ProfiNET, SERCOS III, with PC and Windows, without any additional hardware – more than 70 standard assisted Ethernet adapter. The software X-GO allows the control of field bus devices with its own SPS language in real time and provides additional diagnostic services. The user can focus on the logical processing of commercial data, without having to deal with protocol-specific details. Here are several commands for timers, counters, conditional jumps, evaluation of constants and station values available. A SCRIPT-Checker also verifies the input logical errors.

X GO allows the complete management of all field bus stations. The station monitor shows the current input and output statuses in real time. A graphic display depicts the chronological sequence of variables. There is a separate programming interface available for further processing of user data.