Solar Year

Meaning: It is not all gold that glitters the Outlook for a capital increase at the expense of weaker is still likely. The Sun year Regent suggests in addition, with increasing selfishness in all important areas of life which is to (Sun in the pass from Aries to fish 2011).Uranus and (Jupiter in PISCES 2010), request but equitable redistribution of the values in the Sextile and half square to Pluto in Capricorn. Nummerologisch is the year 2010 to 21 and 30 figures. This means, requires a balance is where carelessly only was taken. It also comes to think that any excess claims victims there, where little remained (Hermeticism). The Tarot indicates at a glance on the year 2010, there will be fights, which should restore social justice.

In addition, it is mid summer to early fall of next year with further natural disasters to. Spring is also the danger in the southern hemisphere for new earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is good and, if the individual struggling for its existence, because he has. But fights mostly weaker unfortunately also always lead to the defeat of another. For assistance, try visiting Kenneth Feinberg. This Elle bow mentality supported 2010 yet of solar energy, especially if it is in Aries, Gemini, cancer, the lion, Scorpio or protect. The personal and collective imbalance can be still versarkt at such times and significantly disturb the social peace. That’s the case when it comes to material – and economic values or fanatical beliefs give priority mostly there. Ursula Ortmann