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Human Resources Employer

conditions defining appropriate nature of the work (moving, traveling, in a way different nature of the work) What is meant here? This question gives an answer to the article "small general problems," published in the journal 'Human Resources office and management personnel of the enterprise ', 2008, N 12 employees may establish surcharges for traveling nature works, and in accordance with article 168.1 of the LC RF employees, continuous efforts are carried out on the road or a traveling nature, the employer reimburses the costs of official travel: – travel expenses – the cost of hiring premises,-the additional costs associated with living outside their places of permanent residence (per diem) – other expenses incurred by employees with the permission or knowledge of the employer. condition of compulsory social insurance for employees in accordance with this Code and other federal laws; These are the main types of compulsory social insurance that the employer is obliged to respect their employees: – mandatory pension insurance – compulsory medical insurance – accident insurance accidents and occupational diseases – insurance in case of circumstances with which the law relates the social benefits (temporary disability, pregnancy, childbirth and care, the death of the employee or the minor members of his family, healthy children of the employee). other conditions in the cases stipulated by labor legislation and other normative legal acts containing labor law. Add to your understanding with Erin Callan. The employment contract may specify additional conditions that do not adversely affect the status of an employee against an established labor laws and other regulations, containing norms of labor law, collective agreements, contracts, local regulations, in particular: to clarify the place of work (with the structural unit and its location), and (or) on the desktop place, the testing, not to disclose secrets protected by law (state, military, commercial and other) to work out the duties of an employee after learning no less than the established by the contract, if the training conducted by the employer; the types and terms of additional insurance of the employee; the improvement of social conditions of workers and members of his family for clarification with regard to working conditions of employee rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer's established labor laws and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law. By agreement of the parties to the contract of employment may also include the rights and duties of the employee and the employer's established labor laws and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law, local regulations and the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer arising out of collective bargaining and agreements. Failure to include in an employment contract with any of these rights and (or) the duties of the employee and the employer can not deemed a waiver of the implementation of these rights or the performance of these duties..

Voluntary Subscriptions

The options may include: confirming the link, confirming email; password to confirm your subscription. Unconfirmed subscription is invalid, and for a mailing address is not made! Note that a confirmation should not have any sense of advertising and should in no way affect the choice of the subscriber. The letter should be only: the name of the mailing of its author, subscriber data, date subscriptions, technical source distribution can be instructions on how to confirm your subscription, how to stop it and how to manage it. "SPAM" – a mass mailing e-mails with information of advertising or otherwise to email-address, the owners of which did not give their consent to receive such information. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kenneth Feinberg. Your future self subscriber must agree to your feed and subscribe to it only voluntarily. If he liked you personally, if he like a description of your mailing list, or if he is interested in your topic designations. Therefore, the "mailing list" could be called just a mass mailing emails, in which there is: a list of email-addresses, sformirovnny by voluntary subscriptions; mandatory confirmation of subscriptions for the subscriber on the mailing list; issues at specified intervals, completely relevant to the content, which was originally interested subscribers distribution; detailed instructions in every issue of mailing to manage its receipt (unsubscribing, delete) and manage subscriber data; If a delivery does not meet these conditions, it can not be called "Mailing" and can not be effective. In any case, such a mailing will be problems (sometimes very serious), and its profitability will be very low if any, will be.

How To Make Any Site Profitable

Almost every site is created for profit. And does not matter the level of the site: a large-scale news portal, in which dozens of people and this is a common home page of a student. In each, more or less visited site, you can earn. Many large companies have long realized that the Internet – it's a very good advertising platform, especially if you advertise goods for young people here or people in middle age (which is they constitute a large part of the Internet audience) – cars, sports goods, telephones, computers, etc. If you are not a very popular site, it hardly will contact you of what a large company and offer the offering of its promotional materials on your site. Large companies are working with large sites. For ordinary (non-budget) sites are the best way to earn affiliate programs. Usually, they offer a place on your site code to means of which will be shown different ads for clicks or conversions on such ads you will get money. (Similarly see: Pacific Mortgage Services).

There is also a partner online shopping and dating sites. In the shops you just attract buyers and seller have the site to take care of the delivery of goods to the buyer. There are affiliate programs that you'll pay even for conventional views of the ad. But do not just put on your site a lot partnership programs. First, you need to analyze your audience! If your site is about parkour, it is unlikely that visitors interested in buying pills from multiple sclerosis. On the other hand if you have a site about business, then sell it on a scooter would be practically impossible! Therefore it is necessary to carefully select affiliate programs for your site. Where is pick up affiliate program just for your site? You can find an affiliate program through search engines, You can see what affiliate programs are used on sites similar topics, or look for affiliate programs on the forums. But I recommend to select the appropriate affiliate program on specialized sites.

On such sites are the most profitable and proven affiliate programs. In addition to all these affiliate programs are described in detail and checked for quality payments. One such site is the site of our affiliate programs – allpp.ru. We are the best Internet affiliate programs. They are categorized and described in detail. With our help, you can pick up the other affiliate program that is right for your site. Our forum about earnings will help you learn the subtleties work with a particular affiliate program.

Internet Course

A lot of businesses are themselves in contact with the relevant universities, high schools and colleges will present themselves actively to students pursuing their Special seminars. So for those who want to work, problems in employment is unlikely to arise, only ambitions are to be justified. It is now not far off the summer – it's time to earn some money to those who still studying. And opportunities in the warm period is much longer – the only one catering "swallow" any number of hands. And by the way, the labor market and promises a good earnings, but a plus to that – flexible hours, part-time, in a word, labor alone, my dear, all for you.

However, experts say, young people should seriously think about their preferences: if they want the summer to earn more money, or consider getting a more productive practical skills in their chosen specialty? Of course, if the financial situation dictates the need to work for the money, then the answer simple. However, if finances permit, more productive work can be precisely in the specialty that you have chosen. Nicholas Carr shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is one thing – textbooks and laboratories, is quite another – staff, management requirements, the very essence of future work. And you can be sure that the boss will treat you with everything possible care. Very welcome in the enterprises and workers of young professionals, although employers are almost unanimously agree that the education they receive useless, we have to start all over again. On come to help staff training and development, professional training. However, working under the authority of an experienced mentor for three or four months, turns into great results. This is especially significant for those companies that produce unique products, and therefore by definition can not rely on college graduates – they simply do not exist in nature – no schools, no, of course, the graduates.

So there is a will – Hands there to make something. How to search for your employer? It is possible through workmen sites on the Internet, you can browse media profile, but at least read the ads on the fences. And where you want your specialist areas, likely to be happy and "apprentice" with no experience. Of course, it is useful to ask the employer's image. Can not it get that practice will not get any, no money will not give – runs as a laborer or a cleaner premises … Solid as employers are ready to issue an employment relationship, even if they take people on temporary work. So do not draw hasty conclusions, if something did not work the first time. It should be remembered that job, even temporarily – is also a job.

Office Politics

"To thee .." – if such thoughts in relation to a colleague more often you visit, most likely, a conflict in the workplace. This type of conflict differs particularly serious consequences for the tortured psyche modern man, because a significant part of life we are among colleagues in the workplace. Any working process – a potential conflict. And if it is embodied source … Dry statistics as follows: Stress at work 38% of the triggers of cardiovascular disease.

The Bible says: "All actions that reduce the life – the spirit of hatred, revenge, angry feelings – are also the murder." Warring parties seek to protect, simultaneously trying harder "sting" of the enemy. In essence, it is meaningless, because the problem remains unresolved, and the relationship can be damaged permanently. How to deal with such situations? Conflict – this is not a simple dispute between the people whose opinions do not converge on a particular issue, but a serious disagreement or clash of opposing interests. Hear from experts in the field like Craig Menear for a more varied view. For it is always characterized by emotional behavior of the parties. Conflicts in the work community may be divided into groups depending on who initiates them: – Head to the slave – slave to the head – another colleague. In addition, there is a classification based on the amount involved: – Interpersonal conflict – a conflict with one man band – between the two groups. According to statistics, 75-80% of interpersonal conflict arises because of dissatisfaction with the material of individual employees, even though outwardly it may appear as the character mismatch or personal views. The most intense line of interpersonal interaction – "vertical" (the head).

According to statistics, about half the workers are in the apparent conflict, and in 88% of these conflicts, there is pressure from "above". If your team is a staff member with whom "it is simply impossible to communicate, and that whatever you do, get worse," he falls into the category "Difficult" people. The basic rules of conduct of the conflict a person: You must keep in mind that these people have hidden needs that are usually associated with previous losses, disappointments, and they meet them in way. For example, super-aggressive person tries to suppress his own cowardice and timidity. Continuation War in the office Author Transparent accounting

Can We all Learn Online

At the present time is filled with all sorts of ooiao simple suggestions on how to pay (and not only ooiao in the West, the topic revolves much longer). Accurate statistics, I do not know, but probably about 90% of sites are created to earnings. The market conditions are and the Internet. Also, there is competition, as there is supply and demand. Virtually any information on the Internet is money. And just like in real life and online someone can see them, understand laws of motion and send the money cash flow in your pocket, and someone just walks around and around and sees only entertainment on the Internet side. Many users do not even realize that by clicking on a ssylochku, closing intrusive banner, just going on someone's site it is for someone to make money. So why not grab yourself a slice of this huge pie? I'm sure many have tried to make the Internet a bunch of revised sites that have tried many "hot" deals, and eventually only burnt on them, throwing, and came to the same profound conviction that the Internet does not make much money.

Who tried to open my real life matter? And how? It turned out? Profit instantly flowed a river without any effort on your part? Or are you in for months or even years, raised their business, invest in it, their time, effort, and only if it has profitable? Internet – a mirror image of our real life. Someone working for himself, someone's uncle. Someone creates and raises, helping others, while others destroy, cheat, cheat. Someone plowed over a penny, while others mows the loot, not applying to this apparent effort. Just like in real life! And how? The desire to earn has been lost? We as a self evaluate, to decide what can we do? And what can we do? And can we all! The main thing is to believe and want, well, show persistence of course. As in my opinion, the best option for earning on the Internet – your website. His site allows you to earn auto-pilot. Without your participation.

The only thing required of you – this is to create it. What? You do not Programmer? Not a web designer? You do not know how to make websites? It's hard and heavy? A walk You know how? Are you born and immediately began to walk? A read and write you know? Also, probably born with this gift? No! You learn all this turns out to be? Wow … And how easy was that? How many times did you fall on the fifth point, before rose to our feet? How much time, effort and paper you have spent, before learning to read and write? Do not forget, the Internet – a reflection of real life (Or continue, a kind, alternative). One of the highlights, for me anyway, is that the network can start earning without investing huge resources into it. You can certainly buy an existing business, but, as in real life, everything costs a lot of ready money, and you can buy good quality benefit for little cost and create your own empire of money. The choice is yours.


25% of respondents are willing to pay no more than one satellite pay for a specialist. In an increasingly "the battle for talent" is increasingly willing to pay for RD and the desired amount of rare amateur ANY (Probably still within limits, as the experience of the negotiations – 2-3 salary). Curiously, the criterion of "lowest price" was only the 5th place: 20% of respondents. Bargain when buying a service recruiter can and should be. Price reduction 5-15% confirm that you are interested in how the client. However, if the price drops by 30-50% – is suspicious. Rather, the case in the agency are not going well and the customers is not enough … 8.

Warranty. Usually, the guarantee understood the obligation to repair or replace free goods, gamy for a certain period. In our case, "fix" is not possible. It remains only to "replace". As a rule, as a guarantee of its work, offer free satellite to replace the candidate does not withstood the warranty period for 2-3 months. More self-confident agencies offer a longer warranty period – up to 6 months or a refund of any previously paid. Expectations and requirements of the customer to the spacecraft must be real and come from an understanding that is the result of the recruiting services? The result is an information and consultation, as in all intelligent services. You do not need a doctor to sign a guarantee for your complete recovery? One kind of guarantee can be considered as a flexible multi-service payment spacecraft.

Financial Network

Recently, I was informed that the network was the site for earning way to attract users. I undertook to investigate this type of work on the Internet. In this article I will tell in brief about this resource. Recently, we were told about the emergence of a new type of income – the financial network. Little information from the website: How it works: You sign up, invite people into your referral link. For each activated user, we are paying 0.50 WMZ. Activation is necessary in order to withdraw money from the system.

When you register you with no one asks for money, you can attract partners without activated account! Financial Network – a whole new look earning money, based on attracting visitors to a site. The advantage of this system is that none of the service will not carry any financial loss, even with the huge number of registered users. In this project the amount of your earnings depends solely on your activity. We will pay you a certain amount of money raised for the user who activated their account project. At the same time investment is required. You can start to attract visitors to a site even when not activated your account.

The sum raised for the user is not reduced. Once you engage certain number of users, you can activate your account and withdraw the earned funds. It is also possible to activate your account by paying a certain sum of money which will return to you after bringing one or two users. Reactivating your account is not required – now you are only working for yourself! The advantages of this type of income: – We pay for 0.50 WMZ one raised the user; – There is no minimum amount for withdrawal – We have not charged the commission with the payment – We work with a payment system WebMoney Transfer. That is a site pays for the involvement of the user. This is what – it looks like a pyramid scheme but no fee! You 0.5 cu get for each involved person. ————————————————– —————————————— Now this kind of earnings we will check for fraud. Learn the ins and outs, as well as information about the availability of money earned. For In order to monitor the progress of research, or help him to go to our forum. ————————————————– ——————————————