Rikskort Card

This lasted until while in 1971, Worthen Bank and Trust Company of Little Rock became a member of both systems. To preserve its integrity, followed by the nbi sanctions in the form of a ban on production of cards 'Master Charge' members of the nbi. The case went to trial, which lasted five years. During this time, many banks have already started to issue cards of the two companies. And in 1972, the district court considering this question, made 26-page opinion that "the prohibition of nbi is a violation of antitrust laws, prevents the development of free competition and limit consumers' rights. " nbi tried to appeal, but eventually surrendered when when a few major banks nbi members, including Bank of America and Chase Manhattan, in October the same year filed application for membership in the Interbank Card Association and, accordingly, to issue cards 'Master Charge'. further extension of plastic cards for peace Development rationing system was going full speed, not only in America but also in Europe. Britain took the championship in 1951, when Diners Club issued the first license by British banks to use their registered cards.

Then the British Association of hotels and restaurants began to produce generic Credit card bhr, which was not a bank. In this area, successfully competed and Sweden. In 1965 the Swedish company Rikskort, owned by the Wallenberg family, has teamed up with the British Association, and established Company Eurocard International. Dennis P. Lockhart often expresses his thoughts on the topic. On a par with European card companies, their share of the western market have tried to take a card and American Association. Rod Martino: the source for more info. The first significant breakthrough in this competition with the BankAmericard, ica has made, when in 1974 signed an agreement with the British system of Access Card. From that moment began a collaboration Eurocard and American Interbank Card Association, which produces 'Master Charge'. This compound was one of the reasons that in 1976, nbi has decided to rename your card 'BankAmericard' in the now famous over the map 'VISA'. After her, and ica in 1980 awarded her the card more 'international' title 'MasterCard'.

Eurocard company is also taking steps on the distribution of spheres of influence, expanding its cooperation with MasterCard and other banks. She has an agreement with Cirrus and Maestro on expanding the production of plastic cards that allow you to increase range of services offered to clients through get cash at ATMs. As a result, Eurocard International in 1992 merged with the payment system Eurocheck, and transformed into a larger company, Europay International. Gradually, the largest U.S. Representatives payment systems have come not only in Europe, but in the land of the rising sun. However, Japan had a large representative of the plastic card company jcb, which, despite strenuous attempts to 'VISA' and 'MasterCard' win over this market, not inferior to entrenched positions. The total number of jcb cardholders in 1980 was almost two times more than produced in Japan 'VISA' and 'MasterCard' together. Thus, in the modern banking system, the largest payment organization is visa Int. It takes about 60% of the market bank cards. The second largest is the Europay / MasterCard Int., Adjusting for 30% of the market. The remaining 10% is on the cards of other international organizations and various banks.