When Printing Environmental Awareness

Executives of European companies often given the chance to improve both the efficiency and the environmental performance of their company through a centralized document management. Additional information is available at Kenneth Feinberg. This shows the current study conducted by Coleman Parkes research on behalf of Ricoh, a leading solution provider for enterprise-wide document management. 67 percent of European company executives sit while concrete targets in the document management, according to the study of the market research company of Coleman Parkes research. But only 41 percent of them take into account environmental aspects such as energy efficiency and recycling in their strategies. This underestimate the positive impact that can have a cost reduction on the business objectives in the area of sustainability. Another survey result: Most companies approach their document management decentralized and only 39 percent have implemented in this regard even a concrete strategy. Considering, that this is not taken into consideration is, that is a direct, positive effect with a centralized solution in terms of sustainability can be. Because a centralized approach with newly designed processes for a customized, enterprise-wide document management offers short – and long-term benefits: cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, increased document security and a better allocation of resources. Thus, executives can better focus on the further development of the actual core business. Environmental aspects are often ignore the topic paper save the study presents the following numbers: 32 percent of executives indicating that their employees about duplex printing must comply with any requirements, and only 18% of companies have a corporate-wide scheme to. Almost the recycling directives of the company don’t know half (47 per cent) of European executives, and 40 percent of managers do not know the policy of their company for the recycling of toner. At the question. whether your employees aspects to eco-friendly printing and copying, the supervisor assessed their employees with an average 5.5 on a scale of 10 (is very important to them) to 1 (is them not important at all).