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German Federal Supreme Court

Assessment and distribution key for the incidental expenses accounting and operating expenses must be understandable for the tenant assessment and distribution key for the incidental expenses accounting and operating expenses. However, the landlord must distribute the lettings to complex allocation keys ruled the German Federal Supreme Court (VIII ZR 181/09). A tenant refused for the years 2003 to 2006 to pay costs amounting to 2.952 euro. Get more background information with materials from Dennis Lockhart. Because the landlord was distributed according to a weighted number of persons operating costs, the payroll was not traceable. 20,39 persons were listed as the total number in the water bill. Due to a change of tenant, the number of persons with individual apartments was constant, not over a year so the landlord. To equitably distribute the costs, he must weight therefore the capacity of the relevant flats depending on the rental period. So come from 20,39 tenants.

The judge at the Federal Supreme Court decided that the landlord had billed correctly. He was not required to prove the service charge settlement as the apartments were occupied and the weighted number of people came. The tenant when the landlord could see this part of the operation cost accounting. Thomas Trepnau

Mail Marketing

Intern of the manager of the company obtains to confidential information and you will lose half of your money; it obtains it of the own president of the board of directors and you will lose todo." Jim Rogers the function of markets in the last years, has taken passage to new transformations that entail to that the management in charge of her, is identified with their reach, repercussions in order to increase their knowledge to them, tools that guarantee an effective performance to him according to the characteristics of the present scenes, where glimpses a commercial proactivity, that has caused the necessity to tell on a department do markets adapted to these activities. All these transformations, new tools that are arising for the effective exercise of the marketing research, must be considered by the universities, especially by the schools of Administration as much concerning pre and postgraduate to aim, that their specialists count on the present knowledge that marketing research demands and take passage to that the general management is identified more and more with relevance, reaches than the function, management of markets represents in the present. Peter Asaro often says this. They cannot follow the administration schools, the specialty of markets, absent of the new contributions that have arisen, thanks to one more a more aggressive competitiveness, where the function of markets, he is determining to guarantee conquest and permanence in the modern scenes. One is not due to continue teaching markets with the traditional approaches, knowledge, tools, models, quite the opposite, educational in charge ones of enabling the specialists, they must be totally identified and so the function of markets has generated for new paradigms in the commercialization, in guaranteeing the introduction, it conquers, or permanence of its products according to the demand that the modern consumer solicits. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of there, the commitment to provide the new knowledge that marketing research has created, the tools that have dreamed up for the behavior of the present economic scenes. .

Achieve New Years Resolutions

She is already very little, only hours, so 2010 is over and pass to the 2011. With some religious discipline, each beginning of year emerge as insistent quasi the warmed-over new year’s resolutions.The truth is that on the one hand they Squeak a little but by another know that we are a type of animal that leverages pauses to reflect that, said of step, it is fine. In fact, key date breaks, round numbers, they are mental constructs. Whenever Peter Asaro listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That is, if one intends to improve some aspect of your life (quit smoking, lose weight, learn Russian) should give you the same begin to do so in the new year that at any other time of the year. However, it is not. There is a tendency to take advantage of a round number, a key date, i.e., one of those pauses to which referred me before.And, in the absence of a better system, could say anything less gives a stone.

On the other hand, it is also a great classic that new year’s resolutions are diluted and blurred, as too late, in the second week of January. Some brave endure until February but 90% desist regrettable easily. But why is this so? do so soft we are that we can not keep our word or with ourselves? is there any way to change this? can you get that this year is the year in which forward remove any of my projects? The answer is emphatically if.Only to do so with a minimum of seriousness and guarantees should be making a few small adjustments. Between one who on January one paid six months of gymnasiums and just going day 2 and that another (one of every 20 approximately) mortgage its existence for the attainment of its objectives, there is a term medium that is that we are interested. There have been some interesting discoveries in this field that I happened to talk to you.

For Christmas

The goal is to have the best quantity price, a 3kg bag of pasta (spaghetti or rifles) and some boxes of butter will do. The days of opulence (payday), you can even allow you a hint of grated cheese. 4. Forget, coincidentally, birthdays and holidays as rightly said a famous French general retirement since 1970, "War is like hunting, except that in war, shoot rabbits. Do not give the Economic Crisis the opportunity to shoot you his balls unemployed, ruinous, and chopping first. For this, it is absolutely essential to avoid birthdays and festive periods.

If you have already eliminated the problem in the relationship, since you are single (a great economy, no less, between the St. Valentine, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day / Father – if you have a kid – the anniversary of the date of the meeting, the anniversary of the anniversary of the first kiss etc..), there is still the family. Difficult to remove. Peter Asaro can provide more clarity in the matter. Hint: the anniversary of your mother, you lock yourself in and turn off your cell phone. Do not restart the next day. For Christmas, an excuse to be part of the background firing of the damn U.S. company (Sacred Yankees). For father's day, kiss your daddy on the cheek, and play the sentimental ("Daddy, this year, this is my Kdo kisses.

We were never very close, it was often angry, but the more the material is the heart that we must look … "), it works often. The super class. 5. Use is probably the best way to combat the Economic Crisis, if you do not have the soul of a soldier. is a new website listing the best discount codes available and usable for your purchases on the Internet. The website is ergonomic, comfortable and free navigation of use. You just have to go there and fall in favor with the multitude of promotional codes and coupons offered. The site also lists the sales and promotional offers the most interesting anywhere. For Christmas, for example, I have had 5% on a laptop, and balances up to 40% in 3suisses. Of Moreover, the website uses social networks and new media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.. to disseminate best promotion codes and coupons, so that information comes to me or that I am. You know what you have to do to enjoy your holidays …

Good Products

Mediation of sales and sales force nationwide Neustadt/Wied: many outstanding products or services are or come on the market every day. Often providers think their product is so good, it sell itself or it could inspire customers with colorful brochures or Internet pages. Where the product or the service not so much in the foreground is today. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. The customer must recognize the advantage of his problem-solving. It is the explanation of problem solving or knowledge to the fore. Very often, executives consider the sales of your products or services as a purely operational function. But that is a mistake.

Because they would better include the distribution in the company, they could create a difficult copiable competitive advantage. 95% of our core competence lies in the sales”, on this short formula, Reinhold Wurth has brought his company’s recipe for success. This means in practice: the Chief can do that not just by the way. The distribution should be the most important and dynamic part of Company be. This also the freelance employees should the company closely be integrated into and supports. Who also sees the sales force only in cost terms, is wrong, because the costs are lowest, if they ever employed no sales associate, but neither sold. It also a good remuneration or Commission system should exist. The system should include the following points: attractive his powerful salesman inside to win enough and maintain to motivate the colleagues to deliver high-performance be fair, offering same income for same power be simple enough, that the sales staff understand the model as well as low administrative overhead make sure, that the customer solution in the foreground (not the Commission) to these and many other questions of practical distribution, such as, how can I up my sales and expand, is the company sales and consulting, Wiedblick 14, 53577 Neustadt/Wied always at your disposal. The company has a sales contact network of several 10 thousands sales contacts, informing every 2 weeks about new jobs of their cooperation partners. The focus is employees attract the generation urgent sale needed. “Because: no sales in the operation nothing”! For all contacts and inquiries: Sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel 02683 945910 fax 02683 945911 and and

French First Lady

In Woody Allen’s latest masterpiece is French First Lady to see Hamburg (11.07.2011) – Carla Bruni in a guest appearance so romantic and gorgeous was Woody Allen’s long no longer! Allen’s 42nd Directing presents the legendary filmmaker, who celebrated last year his 75th birthday, in absolute top form. It is his first film entirely in Paris, an exhilarating, inventive and charming love letter to the city of love and the power of artistic endeavor. In the main roles of the light-footed urban fairy tale in the tradition of “The Purple Rose of Cairo” are Owen Wilson (“my wife, our children and I”) and Rachel McAdams (“Sherlock Holmes”) as well as the Oscar winner Marion Cotillard (“inception”), Kathy Bates (“Titanic”) and Adrien Brody (“the pianist”) to see. Also has French First Lady, Carla Bruni, a cameo in her first screen role. At the 64th Festival de Cannes, “Midnight in Paris” as opening film was greeted with standing ovations and Professor applause. Dennis Lockhart describes an additional similar source.

In North American theaters, this soaring flight of fantasy is already on its way, the most successful film in the career of woody to be all. Content: A dream goes for the Americans Gil (Owen Wilson) in fulfillment, as he can spend with his fiancee Inez (Rachel McAdams), a girl from a wealthy home, his vacation in Paris. Since his youth, enthuses Gil of the local arts scene of the 1920s. If he could have lived only at the time! Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein – these are the idols of the successful Hollywood screenwriters who ardently wishes to succeed as a serious writer. Inez has no understanding for his crush. One night breaks Gil alone and lost during his ramble through the streets of the city of love. Point midnight happens night: Gil is picked up by a limousine which transported him straight in the roaring twenties to the legendary artists that he has always admired! At the same time, nothing is so, as it was before… With Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen and Owen Wilson cinema start: August 18, 2011 in the Concorde film distribution official film site: on Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.

New Distribution Channel

Brand new – now there’s brand jeans sale party, the latest trend! The company’s philosophy”is based on the idea of a German importer and marketer of TOP of brand jeans, FEN, (FASHION Ltd.) “Welcome to jeans go! the jeans like the famous Tupperware” to sell in good company. The sense of trends and the high degree of flexibility in this fashion are key features of the company – philosophy. Top brand jeans in many colors and shapes, with and without applications which are sold to friends and neighbors by inviting ladies and gentlemen in a home setting. A jeans party”? Yes, that’s the idea of the new form of old party because: jeans always go! “ men, women and kids now” her favorite jeans can select from a wide range of different design and shapes. Whether one whether occupied Dreiviertel-pants with Rhinestones, whether with applications stitched-on, sorted in the most common sizes 34-52, in the most varied Always is something for every taste colors. And the most important: the price is right! No matter what size or appearance, each women’s jeans costs EUR 23.50. It is not something Nicholas Carr would like to discuss.

And: In the circle of friends and acquaintances, it’s just more fun to try are advised to leave, look at the latest jeans, and to take. For some / n party visitor, a lucrative (secondary) begins with a jeans party income opportunity. Not praise the party selling fun and benefits, the jeans woman or man”, the jeans are selling virtually by itself. Convinced by the quality of the brand FEN! If someone earn good money”, Mr Ribbeck and his team likes to show, how is a jeans party to the Renner! An activity without purchase obligations sales requirements, without hooks and eyes”! There’s no? However, there! At the present time, this simple, not requiring a Declaration and excellent in 2007 concept with jeans ware is ideal with its advanced, additional possibilities in the sales, suitable for housewives, pensioners… but also for all other professionals, freelancers, self-employed and of course also for men and women, think of your future in the age! More information is available in the Internet under:

Video Distribution

Facebook, who already is widely used as a platform for video distribution live, are doing their own work with a new application called Facebook Live. However, unlike services like Ustream and Livestream that offer the feature of live video to Facebook pages, Facebook Live goes beyond being a channel dedicated to the events of the social networking company and becomes a streaming video platform for others. In a statement, the company says that it will use Facebook live to see what is new in Facebook, including the famous guests who pass by the headquarters of the company, demonstrations of the new features of employees and special events (possibly, things like the f8 Conference). The application itself is very similar to other platforms of video live, via the integrated chat, but it will be very interesting to see how Facebook will make the promotion of the role. Could we see notifications in the news channel When one stop great results by the central services of the company? That would give rise to an opportunity to add some hearings and huge conferences around live video. Either way, is a nice blessing for Livestream, has been chosen as the official partner of live video for the project. Source of the news: Facebook Launches Live Video Channel original author and source of the article

The Market

After this brief characterization of the constituent elements of the desire of filosofar, a constatao if imposes: the world contemporary, our world sunk in a imediatista pragmatismo, is opposing to the desire of to filosofar. It denies and if he opposes vehemently to the four components of the philosophy desire. Our society, will say Badiou, does not like the revolt nor of the critical one. ' ' It is a world that believes in the management and the natural order of the things It asks for to each one to adapt itself. Individual&#039 is a world of the simple calculation; '. (BADIOU, 1994, P. 48).

Our world is avesso to the rational coherence, is submitted to the logic of images and signs that simulate the Real. This world of the images, world of the media, is instantaneous and incoherent. It is a world very fast without memory, ephemeral and fugaz. For more information see this site: Dennis Lockhart. Where the only permanence is the impermanncia. In such world of the images, it is very difficult to support a logic of the thought. Another constituent element of the desire of filosofar that it loses space in our society is the universality, a time that the only universality that it knows is of the money, the universality what Marx called general equivalent.

It are of the universality of the market and of the currency, it supports Badiou, each one is locked up in its tribe. Each one defends its particularitity. In our world the false universality of the capital is opposed to the ghetto of the cultures, the classrooms, the races, the religions. (Cf. BADIOU, 1994). Paradoxicalally, at the same time where we attend the globalization of the market laws, demands of groups and etnias emerge demanding bigger social insertion with respect its particularitities and differences. That is, the requirement of ethics of the diversity and singularidades is each bigger time that place in check the man vision, while subject and abstract universal reason in relation which if can referenciar certain imperatives, rights and duties, also had as universal.

Jose Carlos SanchezLara

Faced with the description of this task poetic intention, one immediately notes the distortion to put this set of texts that the reader expects when he delivered what is called poetry. Since the first text of the book is a para-reflection between poetry and prose decides But why one with the word a distortion rather than a innovation ? Perhaps because the latter word is linked to the optimism of the a desarrolloa , a progresoa and if one uses, it is implicitly ascribing to the same ideology pervasive that this book helps to fight. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nicholas Carr. What is perhaps an exaggeration, at best one can state that there is an attempt or gesture of combat, the hint of an alternative, a “against the powerful current state of affairs, which extends to the edge of other ideologies still tautological and more extreme fundamentalists whose derivations we are almost inimaginablesa “after all we are still Western. An alternative of necessity faltering against the State of Things to oppose the inevitable looming terrors future repetition of repetitions and platitudes disguised die half truths and values evidentesa “which are transformed and disguise and appear to watch us from any side of the trench..