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Let us wake up! 2. Social division of the Work & Distribution of Tasks. The division of the work determines the relation between the individuals, itself, and with the material. It was thus since primeva (first) form of property human being, who if can verify in the tribal organization until the estamental. It wants to say, the effective division of the work happened when worked it was broken up it manual of the intellectual. With other words, the execution of the conception, in the way of effectively capitalist production.

In the manufacture already an exploration existed, however, the alienation that in it we find is of the body, because the necessary worker of its to know, of unitria form, for the execution of its work, what later, in the fordismo, for example, will not be a reality, because in this system he has a true unfamiliarity, on the part of the laborer, of the central reason of its work, certainly of the function of its work inside of the set of the company. Example: It only knows to manufacture part x, he does not understand function y and mechanisms z that it will cross it will play. Project: 1.Classificao and distribution of the employees according to its aptitudes. 2.Organizao of the work process 3.Perpertuao of the hierarchic structure and the social relations of the capitalists 4.O technician-scientific knowledge is not neutral, and being thus it favors the conditions and forms of exploration and alienation of the proletarian 5.O technician-scientific knowledge will go to inside strengthen the separation between execution and conception of the work, accenting the alienation. 6.A social division of the work, in the capitalism, if of the one in the exchange between individual and independent capitalists 7.Em the division of the work in the production, no individual worker produces a merchandise 8.A division of the work in the seio of the production estimates the distribution of the means of production as private property capitalist it 9.A division it work in the production is planned, regulated and supervised by the capitalist.

Poverty of Immigrants

We have to recognise that entering too many migrants, undoubtedly they could cause quite negative consequences on populations people of recipient countries, but also, we understand that many companies are frustrated to liberalize world trade among advanced Nations, and that, to the short or the long run, they have to close their doors (loss of employment, limitation of templates(, early retirement). In summary: go back to create an almost perfect globalized fear. I converse with my thinking, and he tells me: what is so much wealth in our hands? If wealth promotes compassion, one wants to be poor; If poverty generates hatred, one wants to be rich. And it is that man is insatiable in terms of possession of riches (for worldly goods). Money is like manure that is cast to the Earth: gain nothing if it is not extended, wrote Francis Bacon. We must banish forever the compassion for the poor and the fear of globalization. Because establishing an intercultural dialogue among human beings, it can be to try to create a globalized world where the poor are less poor, and the rich are a little less rich: equitable distribution of wealth.

In the world there are forty billionaires who distribute crumbs of anguish and pain, and thus see die, every day of the year, thousands upon thousands of children who are born, only and exclusively, to have a speedy, stressful and hard death. As well, and I firmly believe, the cultural conflicts that are fostered with the immigration problem would go solving, little by little, with behavior civilized among races, cultures and religions. Democracies are made strong, no doubt, respecting plurality and diversity among cultures and continents. Globalization will succeed, provided, establish solid pillars where settle convergent ideas for global disarmament. EE.UU., England, Iran, Korea of the North, Israel and Islamic fundamentalism not estan for the work.

Violence always begets violence, and this is well known. Countries that do not converse, and converses by mediation of culture, are dedicated to a constant warlike confrontation. He thinks one than indefinite. Perhaps there is no perfect globalization, but we all have to contribute to the development and lifting of that third world forgotten and massacred by friends and strangers. Religions must get used to the coexistence and mutual respect, because they help men overcome their fears: fear of death, fear of pain, fear of losing the head all religions are true and from lugo, all have one God: the God of all religions. If you have two pieces two pieces of bread, give one to the poor; the other sells and buy hyacinths to feed thy soul (Indian poem).

Flickr Important

That is why the first recommendation passed by not loading the boxes with more weight than we can raise and put heavier items at the bottom of the box and above the lighter. Choose the size of the boxes for the move based on the objects that we are going to save them also well is important. For example, we have to save books, which are always a heavier load, in small boxes, while large maximizing them load that does bulk but is lighter, like clothing. It is also important that, if we have to go down stairs, we choose not too high boxes that reload them cover us vision won’t lower rolling several floors! It is necessary to have clear what the proper way to lift weight: flexing the knees and keeping your back straight. Nothing of stooping suddenly doubling us ele for pull the bulk with all our strength, as it can occur that give us a jerk and not us can lift more during the next few days. It is also important that if we are going to load weight on back and shoulders well distribute the load to prevent muscle contractures. Last, but not least, remember properly packing those sharp, sharp or fragile objects. It is not good idea, for example, put kitchen knives in a plastic bag, for reasons that everyone can get to guess, because the minimum bag will tear and can cut us. We must also be careful with glass or glass objects, if we break while we load them can hurt us significantly. If you follow these recommendations, to avoid a hard time during our removals. Images: Flickr / Evan Hunter estimate in Palencia Mudanzalia Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise After Shave Splash (without packing) purchase online prices price buy Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise After Shave Splash (without packing) rental vans cheap Advisor of removals VCE online announces general availability of VBLOCK POWERED SOLUTIONS We are online

Spanish Government

The abertzale left (added) is aware that he has made a way and that may not fall into the temptation of being inconsistent and Act (in the case that there is an attack) against which the own Sortu put in their statutes. Criticism of the PP Urkullu has shown his boredom that seems to be applauding the abertzale left and ETA by the steps that are taken when they are debtors with Basque society for 50 years of terrorism. For the President of the PNV, it seems difficult to think that a PP Government would help take steps in a peace process because it is conditioned by associations of victims of terrorism to which it has been using and within it there are leaders with postulates of extreme right almost. It has however, been convinced that ETA is end of time and that its final may coincide with the mandate of the next Spanish Government, is the color that is. Advancement election the political situation regarding Spanish, Urkullu has considered that ctivamente in the autumn period of the Socialist Government can be finished because it is very difficult to reconcile economic measures that will have to apply nearly inexcusably Government with an electoral program and an approach to party that wants to look left. Therefore, explained that the PNV, with his personal involvement, has finalized and submitted to Socialist negotiators documents about investments and transfers included in the budget agreement of 2011 that are p endientes bargain in the second half. Urkullu has relied on the PSOE does not fall into the temptation of not negotiating these transfers in the event that the general election ahead and the Government no longer needed the support of the PNV because it not submit a draft budgets for 2012. Source of the news: Urkullu gives an ultimatum to Bildu: time to order the end of ETA is finished in autumn

Spain Implemented

/ VIDEO: ATLAS Economic Affairs Commissioner ruled out a rescue for Spain and Italy. It looks totally unjustified attacks on Spain and Italy of the markets. It considers that Spain has advanced significantly. The European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, said that the harassment of the markets against Spanish and Italian debt is incomprehensible, and assured that Spain has come a long way in their plans of adjustment and reform, although it is crucial that you apply them conclusively. Spain is committed to comprehensive measures. Spain has advanced significantly in the areas of fiscal consolidation, the restructuring of the banking sector, the reform of the pension and labour reforms () but, although many of the reforms already underway, his forceful implementation is essential, Rehn said at a press conference. The Commissioner has ruled out that a special rescue program for Spain and Italy, whose risk premiums continue this Friday required in historic highs.

In the case of Spain, Rehn has pointed out that it is still necessary that reforms structural, as that of the banking system and the labour market reform, reaching term, but that both Spain and Italy are on track to meet its fiscal deficit for the coming year… Rehn also considered that, despite the tense conditions in the markets, the outcome of the auction of the Spanish public Treasury Bonds Thursday to three and four years, awarding 3.3 billion an interest of 4.90% and the 5.05%, respectively, has been relatively positive and that is a good sign. Tensions in the markets we’ve seen in recent days are simply not justified taking into account the economic fundamentals. They are not justified in the case of Italy. They are not justified in the Spain. Changes so dramatic in the markets are incomprehensible, said the Commissioner, who stressed that the economic situation in these two countries have not changed from night to day to provoke such a reaction.

Goya Awards

Clara Hdez. 20 m from the Academy of cinema in 1995 established the category best performer revelation, six children have won a Goya Award. Except Andoni Erburu (protagonist in secrets of the heart), the rest of winners has continued working in the interpretation. The Organization of the Goya has forbidden minors to opt for awards. In 1997, with 9 years, Andoni Erburu, the protagonist of the film secrets of the heart, became the younger actor in history to receive a Goya and the first child to climb onto the stage of that solemn gala to sustain, with trembling hands, a bronze statuette. Probably parents will remain for a long time, the interpreter of earlier age which walked on that stage.

Last Tuesday the Film Academy reported new rules that will govern the Goya Awards in 2012 and that expressly prohibit children under 16 years of age to choose one of their awards. Officials justify their decision with legal and social reasons: the winners become active members Academy, which implies no enforceable legal circumstances to a minor. Also here argue that an award may cause a series of external factors that determine your professional and personal development in a child. The measure has already provoked a flurry of reactions. Both Montxo Armendariz and David Trueba have been contrary to a rule that Freckle of paternalism. However, Trueba sees interesting to analyze what has happened to the kids who have won a Goya. In reality, only six children have succeeded in Spanish Cinema Awards trophy. And just another one, Manuel Camacho, came to being nominated by Entrelobos.

The number could have been higher, but until 1995 the Academy not established the category for best actor and actress, which opened the doors to the little ones. Many of these actors have continued with his artistic career.

Federation Transport

At the meeting held on 29.06.2010 with the expanded board of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. the meeting was called by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. He pointed to the need to raise the international level safety requirements in road transport in Russia, as well as tougher punitive measures for violations of both passenger and freight haulage. Ministry of Transport proposes to increase fines for illegal activity in this field up to 40 thousand rubles, but this, according to Sergei Ivanov, is not enough. Sergei Ivanov stressed the need to increase the quality requirements for driver training in driving schools, especially the drivers who engaged in freight and passenger transport professional. Vice-premier asked to expedite the establishment of security in passenger and freight road transport in close coordination bodies Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fsb and other agencies to work in transportation, as well as transport companies. According to the head of the Moscow office of the Federation of Russia Sergey motorists Kanaeva, the input system of licensing transportation activities will be more effective in the fight for restoring order than tightening shtrafov. also make greater use of expert community in this area. These organizations combine all market participants and may be responsible for their members. They will monitor compliance with rules and regulations in cargo transportation.

Department Management

– ActiveX controls: in certain occasions, when we sailed by Internet, it appears to us a message that asks for our authorization to execute small programs in our own equipment, like requirement essential to be able to continue with our activity in the page Web in which we were. These programs come from the Web server to which we have acceded, but they are executed directly in the computer of the user, reason why the danger is clearly. – Unloading and execution of archives .exe: it can be obtained through techniques of social engineering, that is to say, through deceit of the user or the abuse of his confidence, affection, etc. – Instantaneous mail: at the moment the programs Messenger type very they are extended between the users, who even can get to accept like contacts at people who do not know, or who do not know the sufficient thing. In these cases the attacker will try that the victim accepts a file she executes and it in his equipment. – Operation of vulnerabilities of third parties through navigator: we cannot leave without commenting another one of the routes by which an attacker can get to control the team of a user, and that route is the one to take advantage of through navigator Internet the vulnerabilities or exploits that occurs in applications of third parties (different from the manufacturer of the navigator in the majority of the cases).

Special numerous attention is due to render to exploits that they affect well-known reproducers of video that the majority of us we used with remarkable frequency. And up to here the first approach to the most common attacks that they can be sent to take control of the control of a user team, who will be able to serve the attacker as platform as attack to a whole network or a servants of the organization to whom the user belongs. It is, then, patent the necessity to educate and to bring back to consciousness to the users, because it is the most effective form to protect in last instance all our network. udea Security of the Information Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department Management of the Security


THAT structure so that to the 16 years the students must consider towards where orienting their life. the obligatory studies have finished, but and now what? A part of them, either exhausted of the life of student, or by economic subjects or simply because they want therefore it, tries to introduce itself to the labor world, that will offer money to be able to stay to them (although it would put at the moment it in doubt). Evidently I could not be had everything, and if it is decided not to continue studying, it is necessary to assume the consequences. Works in the majority of technical cases, with a low pay and, obvious, one supply labor reduced to the personal capacities that to leave the studies imply. Some others decide to begin formative cycles of average degree. The cycles will offer knowledge for the next use. The students, more enabled preparations and than before will be able to choose to more supplies of work than before.

The cycles of average degree allow the students to attend formative cycles of degree superior, to which also it is acceded through baccalaureate. The cycles formative they also belong to the studies of professional formation FP. By means of of the formative cycles of degree superior the students will have a great formation to obtain better employments, and in addition they will have the possibility of acceding to the university. She is one of the options with more professional exits, considering the possibilities and opportunities that offer. In order to finish, studies selected by the great majority: the baccalaureate. Following with the studies of THAT, the baccalaureate gives general knowledge of the several matters, with which the young person will grow as person and will acquire general culture. From now on, it is called on to be decided if to enter itself to the labor world, or to begin formative cycles of degree superior, or to be examined of the selectivity and to begin in the university for a greater specialization. Whatever option by which one to praised/poured off, this is a very important decision, that the students would agree that they took with calm and great premeditation and, if possible, is helped from a tutor who advises to him.